Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Immersive criteria
To be honest I never see such an non-immersive world as I saw in Skyrim. Sure NPC that coming home from work, wandering around city or spend their money in the inn look qiute "living" but if you see this every day, in the same time in the same place it become boring. I see no difference between WoW guard wanderers and Skyrim NPC that make same actions every day. I'm talking about Skyrim but I mean every TES game. Morrowind was much better but this is only because it was so long ago and game of such quality as Morrowind can't be bad back to 2002. Skyrim already king of grind among games. We got same ruins, same monsters, same quests. As archer, my progress through Skyrim  consist in hide-and-shoot. There was no problem to run through any dungeon in 5 min, oneshoting everyone. Same traps, same draugrs,  same ghosts. NPC in any city have same gossips, innkeepers have same tasks, and guards are dumb as hell. There was no living creature in whole game. Every step is predictable, every end-room is known. Just pick and shot. I know I want a lot from game but there is so many egregious things that want to be fixed. Here just short list:

  1. A lot more greetings for vendors.
  2. More "life" behavior for citizens when you break into their house.
  3. More realistic trade system (damn homeless sold me robe for 6000 gold and bought my daedric sword)
  4. Changing look of stalls on markets squares.
  5. Damn weather change (spring summer you know)
  6. Cease bullshit 3x time speed.
  7. Make guard guarding not chasing my character.
  8. And add some real prisoners in prisons. Make some work for court system.
Just a very short list. I forgot a lot already since I stop playing Skyrim about year ago. But when I play its like every 10 minutes I cried: "Did the developers blind? How they can make such as nonsence thing?I just can't remember all right now. Skyrim can be immersive only for people who want to be immersed in the game. But if we take random player... Game must offer something more life-looking than it got now. Every game we start as prisoner that save world. It doesn't looks cool. Make us usual citizens. This will be much better. And make progress really hard. Try to play cosmic simulator X2 or X3. You should spend about half year there playing every day to build up you very first station and buy a decent ship. Life is HARD so make it that way.

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