Wednesday, June 12, 2013

About the evolution of MMO games.

You ask me - what the main key to game suceess? Players, I'll told you and how you keep that players in game. So as for me, the main question of game development is how keep players busy and interest. Since most of player's time taked by gearing and getting end-level equipment/scrolls/runes/gems/glyphs/trinkets and so on (in most of RPG games) or just new cars/tanks/mechs or achievments or other same-looking activity, developers made the biggest mistake ever by introducing same activity in new patch. 
Let's just model the situation: we start game, leveling some time, gearing some time and finally got super-puper-end-top-high level gear. The game for us is ended and we awaiting next patch. 
Second scene: new patch. We start leveling with top gear, and some other new player, that started game late, will start leveling with average gear from quests. At this moment we will spend 1-2 days to get new max level and start gearing again, and new player will spend 1 or 2 weeks to get new max level due to gear difference. Than he start to get top gear, one by one, probably he will start even from getting old top gear as a boost. So to the middle moment between two consequitive patches we already will have top gear, and new player will have only started pack. Rest of time we will spend on farming gold or other extremely rare resources so to the moment of next patch we will got some new fancy relic plus end gear, and new players will have fifty/fifty of something. This prosecc will repeat until ∞. In result we will have: old player with all possible relics and top gear and new player with started-pack relics and some kind of pre-top/top gear. What I want to say? There is almost impossible to reach the level of old players in games, when the main activity is based on time spending: the more time you play - the more powerful you become. Live to win.
The answer is not introduce new activity that looks like old one. In first patch players get gear and use it till patch number 5, for example. In patch number 2 players of same faction working on build some tower, getting resources in dungeons. In patch number 3 they fight each other in massive PvP. And so on. Every next patch force players to make some different activity and all other activity is connected with main one. That's my vision of game evolution.

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