Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ESO is going with subscription model. Bye Bye ESO.

World of Tanks is f2p action tank shooter, not RPG of couse but its free. For money you can buy premium tanks (that have lower stats than usual), and premium account that gives +50% money and experience per battle. And they have enough money, trust me.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nick Konkle said

There are three different items you can feed your mount, either Oats, Apples or Wheat. Depending on which of the three you feed the mount, it will gain in either bag space, speed or stamina.

Whoaaa. How long you thinking about adding that very weird system? Tell me the secret what I need to give to Arabian horse to make it Percheron? No answer, yeah? Fuck immersion!

I expect we’ll see a lot of crafting driven forum discussion.

No, you will not see. Month after release there will be forum topic with all recipes. That's all.

Or a group of crafters gets together and forms a guild where they can offer anything you may need as far as crafted items go, you join, do your shopping and then drop back out or whatever.

The first right thing you said. Do you know how guild have formed in Middle Ages? Profession based. Five guilds? Friends, family, old guild, new guild? Have you ever play any MMORPG? Players join guild that give benefits in progression, raiding and dungeon! Guild is source of pride! Five guilds! Are you nuts?

Well, first and foremost is the metagame system we just talked about, the Emperor system, which is going to be a great encouragement to get out there and PVP.

The game, based on pure PvP. Do you really think its something new? Why you can't put any aim for players, not just "kill each other to become emperor for a day". The global goal, to work together, to compete with other aliance without PvP? I have tonn of ideas, because I'm player. And you haven't, because you are developers. Paradox.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Should I?

Should I post any improvements here as I see them?
1) Graphics level. Since ZOS aim for Europe and NA players first, I don't think that they need to make a game for computers with low performance. Sure I don't know what prices exactly on PC parts in other world but here in Russia I bought my computer, which capable to run Crysis 3 on almost max settings for 625$. It costs me almost 2 month salary (Yes, you can count me as homeless but there is Russia - richest country in the world ). 
Back to graphics. Animation didn't count as most demanding option for graphic card. The most demanding is high resolution textures, anti-aliasing and other additional features. So why not to add animation from Skyrim? It looks quite good for me. Weapon unsheathe, swings, movings, magic casting and other examples are pretty good and immersion (hate this world). 
Horse. Much better to make horse be spell. When character summon horse he make same hand movings as for teleporting. As for me, of course, horse should be always with you, act in combat (but way bit smarter then in Skyrim), and when you want to take any item from horse bag, must be some nice interaction animation.
And characters models. Armor that deformating with character? Bad, bad designers.
2) Sounds. Just improve it, find more actors, i don't know, make sounds from real life. Watch this for example.

3) Overall. Combat from first person view will never find it place in MMO. You need to see whole situation around you, watch you back for enemy attack, watch both sides and you teammates around you. Even 3rd person view made bad, like in Dead Space. You didn't see anything that happen to left from you. Don't try to make your game different adding some doubtful things.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I just left it here

Some useless topic from foundry

Since most of players just know how to hail each other and nothing more, I'll summarize what I want to.

1) How dumb you should be to not understand what going on on live stream from Quake con? LMB attack, RMB block. This has been said so many times, all this described in post has been said hundred of time or even more? Do you really think you following the news, huh? Don't produce nub news for nubs.
Now some features from game, I don't really remember if I mentioned any of them.
2) Synergy existed even in WoW, existed long ago. Haven't you remember any mobs packs that use CC on players and put firewalls? And warrior that pull bleeding and rogue putting disorientation forcing player to wandering aimlessly? Did you really think that ZOS made something new? Don't be idiot!
3) Avoid powerful attack? Ohh. Whatch the floor for blue puddle. Ohh. Was in all games. Called AOE damage or spacial boss attacks. Was always in ALL games. Again, don't be idiot.
4) For LMB and RMB. Just rebind them to 1 and 2 button. Bingo. Game become same as any other MMORPG. I mention WoW every time though I didn't play it currently because it is the most popular game to explain. So warrior in WoW have block ability, that can work as block! Bind it to RMB. Bingo! Bind some base attack to LMB. Bingo! You got it? Scroll down to first view and you will get same splashes as you saw in ESO, same fast movements and hardlock. 
ZOS made nothing, accept it. Other games can make their advertising on same level but they jsut don't need it. 
You are free for discussion.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Live stream at Quake Con

Total disappointment. Mark 2 out of 5. And do not tell me that this is "only closed beta". Developers team have outstanding experience of making games and still didn't pay attention to what they must make at first:
1) I was a bit late for stream, so first thing I saw was a horse summoned from nowhere. God, please, make it as in all other games in series, let the poor horsy exists while you not ride them.
2) Graphics. Yes, WoW  funs stunned by it, but this ones who played Morrowind know, that the graphics level is of Morrowind time. And if you put some new textures in Morrowind it will looks even more better.
3) Animation. Combat and moving. Unhuman movings with no sense of gravity. Speed of actions is ruins all. Magic animation make nothing but eye pain - fast splashes and glimmerings will cause epilepsy among players.
4) Sounds. Showing the bow, you have to be sure that sounds is perfect. But they not. Game sounds awful and there is nothing to discuss. I only waiting for some combat music with the hope of a masterpiece.
And all other little things I saw and didn't mention. TES funs still can say how game is good and "give me my beta keeeeeeeyyyyyyy". But as MMO player I see no difference between this game and any other.
PS: immersion? You call such dungeon grinding immersion? Pff. Pfffff. Pfffffffffff.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Mount summoned from nowhere, graphics level of 2004 year game, sounds like a garage music band, and a first person view that looks unplayable in all kinds - this is the Elder Scroll Online from Quake Con.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some stunning news

Matt Firor interview
There is nothing worse than answering to each station of interview so I will comment only few, the most stunning ones.

buffed: But you can lock on to friendly targets, I’ve done that with my tab key and a white border appeared around my target. Is this a hard- or softlock?
Matt Firor: It is the hardlock. We support tab targeting for dungeons when there’s a lot going on on your screen.
Oh my God, hardlock. The ESO just find its place near WoW.
TESO is not a “Tab Target Game.”
Man, you really need to change something: your own opinion about the game or the game itself. Giving players ability to hardlock will eliminate softlock and all other things, making game looking like other MMORPG. 
buffed: But if your equipment is maxed out then there is nothing more to buy.
pupil - I know, I know, may I? 
teacher - Yes, We know
pupil - You can add new items in new patch.
teacher - Well done, We know.

buffed: In March you announced that you will have a European and a North American mega-server. Have you already decided where the European one will be?

Matt Firor: Yes, I think it is in Frankfurt (am Main, Ed.)
buffed: Oh, that’s very good for us! Short distance, short latency.
Matt Firor: It’s good for all of Europe as Frankfurt is centrally located.
How about China and Russia players, Matt? Australia may be?

You’ve always talked about 200 players per battle which isn’t very much on a mega server with potentially millions of people.
World of Tanks have about 600k players on server and got in Guinness book with record of 815k in March 2013. ESO will never beat this record, so don't even talk about millions.