Sunday, August 4, 2013

I just left it here

Some useless topic from foundry

Since most of players just know how to hail each other and nothing more, I'll summarize what I want to.

1) How dumb you should be to not understand what going on on live stream from Quake con? LMB attack, RMB block. This has been said so many times, all this described in post has been said hundred of time or even more? Do you really think you following the news, huh? Don't produce nub news for nubs.
Now some features from game, I don't really remember if I mentioned any of them.
2) Synergy existed even in WoW, existed long ago. Haven't you remember any mobs packs that use CC on players and put firewalls? And warrior that pull bleeding and rogue putting disorientation forcing player to wandering aimlessly? Did you really think that ZOS made something new? Don't be idiot!
3) Avoid powerful attack? Ohh. Whatch the floor for blue puddle. Ohh. Was in all games. Called AOE damage or spacial boss attacks. Was always in ALL games. Again, don't be idiot.
4) For LMB and RMB. Just rebind them to 1 and 2 button. Bingo. Game become same as any other MMORPG. I mention WoW every time though I didn't play it currently because it is the most popular game to explain. So warrior in WoW have block ability, that can work as block! Bind it to RMB. Bingo! Bind some base attack to LMB. Bingo! You got it? Scroll down to first view and you will get same splashes as you saw in ESO, same fast movements and hardlock. 
ZOS made nothing, accept it. Other games can make their advertising on same level but they jsut don't need it. 
You are free for discussion.

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