Monday, August 5, 2013

Should I?

Should I post any improvements here as I see them?
1) Graphics level. Since ZOS aim for Europe and NA players first, I don't think that they need to make a game for computers with low performance. Sure I don't know what prices exactly on PC parts in other world but here in Russia I bought my computer, which capable to run Crysis 3 on almost max settings for 625$. It costs me almost 2 month salary (Yes, you can count me as homeless but there is Russia - richest country in the world ). 
Back to graphics. Animation didn't count as most demanding option for graphic card. The most demanding is high resolution textures, anti-aliasing and other additional features. So why not to add animation from Skyrim? It looks quite good for me. Weapon unsheathe, swings, movings, magic casting and other examples are pretty good and immersion (hate this world). 
Horse. Much better to make horse be spell. When character summon horse he make same hand movings as for teleporting. As for me, of course, horse should be always with you, act in combat (but way bit smarter then in Skyrim), and when you want to take any item from horse bag, must be some nice interaction animation.
And characters models. Armor that deformating with character? Bad, bad designers.
2) Sounds. Just improve it, find more actors, i don't know, make sounds from real life. Watch this for example.

3) Overall. Combat from first person view will never find it place in MMO. You need to see whole situation around you, watch you back for enemy attack, watch both sides and you teammates around you. Even 3rd person view made bad, like in Dead Space. You didn't see anything that happen to left from you. Don't try to make your game different adding some doubtful things.

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