Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nick Konkle said

There are three different items you can feed your mount, either Oats, Apples or Wheat. Depending on which of the three you feed the mount, it will gain in either bag space, speed or stamina.

Whoaaa. How long you thinking about adding that very weird system? Tell me the secret what I need to give to Arabian horse to make it Percheron? No answer, yeah? Fuck immersion!

I expect we’ll see a lot of crafting driven forum discussion.

No, you will not see. Month after release there will be forum topic with all recipes. That's all.

Or a group of crafters gets together and forms a guild where they can offer anything you may need as far as crafted items go, you join, do your shopping and then drop back out or whatever.

The first right thing you said. Do you know how guild have formed in Middle Ages? Profession based. Five guilds? Friends, family, old guild, new guild? Have you ever play any MMORPG? Players join guild that give benefits in progression, raiding and dungeon! Guild is source of pride! Five guilds! Are you nuts?

Well, first and foremost is the metagame system we just talked about, the Emperor system, which is going to be a great encouragement to get out there and PVP.

The game, based on pure PvP. Do you really think its something new? Why you can't put any aim for players, not just "kill each other to become emperor for a day". The global goal, to work together, to compete with other aliance without PvP? I have tonn of ideas, because I'm player. And you haven't, because you are developers. Paradox.

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