Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some stunning news

Matt Firor interview
There is nothing worse than answering to each station of interview so I will comment only few, the most stunning ones.

buffed: But you can lock on to friendly targets, I’ve done that with my tab key and a white border appeared around my target. Is this a hard- or softlock?
Matt Firor: It is the hardlock. We support tab targeting for dungeons when there’s a lot going on on your screen.
Oh my God, hardlock. The ESO just find its place near WoW.
TESO is not a “Tab Target Game.”
Man, you really need to change something: your own opinion about the game or the game itself. Giving players ability to hardlock will eliminate softlock and all other things, making game looking like other MMORPG. 
buffed: But if your equipment is maxed out then there is nothing more to buy.
pupil - I know, I know, may I? 
teacher - Yes, We know
pupil - You can add new items in new patch.
teacher - Well done, We know.

buffed: In March you announced that you will have a European and a North American mega-server. Have you already decided where the European one will be?

Matt Firor: Yes, I think it is in Frankfurt (am Main, Ed.)
buffed: Oh, that’s very good for us! Short distance, short latency.
Matt Firor: It’s good for all of Europe as Frankfurt is centrally located.
How about China and Russia players, Matt? Australia may be?

You’ve always talked about 200 players per battle which isn’t very much on a mega server with potentially millions of people.
World of Tanks have about 600k players on server and got in Guinness book with record of 815k in March 2013. ESO will never beat this record, so don't even talk about millions.

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