Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some polls discussing

This one
According to what I saw in 2 polls -what activity will you enjoy in Cyrodiil and what role will you pick in ESO (ESO poll of the week) - I concluded that almost all have their mind clouded with single player gamestyle from TES series. And so I made the picture of typical ESO player: nightblade who ganking people with his bow. If we look on role poll we can see that 25% will play for nightblade class and probably some % from hybrid heals/dps will play for it. So I think about 30-35% will play nightblades of different kind. This is fucking awful. Next we saw that only 5% want to be healers and 6% tank/healer. This one means only that about 10% have their brain in health state because my game experience show that healers always the most competent and wise players in games. And guess who the most brainless one? Who playing DPS only: warriors, assassins, mages. Because being healer or tank means to be responsible for other people life, for their comfortable gameplay, be the heart of the party. Also poll about activity show that defending keeps in less priority than sieging or world PvP that prove my conclusion that most of attackers haven't brain unlike defenders (healers and tanks). But I'm satisfied with this poll results. This is good for me, as long as I want to play tank-o-healer. Well done, my vegetable friends.

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