Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inside ESO dungeons question

  1. First thing is how you planning to protect game from one class overwhelming? I mean, templar class probably the most universal one: it can dps, tank and heal. With combat switching it will be almost impossible to kill party of 4 templars since they will switch between builds every now  and then. 
  2. Would it be possible for dedicated dragonknight to heal itself with restoration staff? Will this be effective enough to go through dungeon without healers only with party consist of 4 dps with staffs?
  3. Is there any resurrections spells in the game that can be casted in combat? Will there be possible to skip some rooms in dungeon using the run-and-res tactic, when tank grabbing all the mobs in the room and died while rest of party successfully pass and then got resurrected?
  4. Will mage class be able to heal only with staff? Since I heard only templar have healing spells in build and can heal without staff.
  5. Wouldn't it be that such thing as restoration staff will make dungeons much more easy to pass? Since in normal MMO main thing for all party is to try to mitigate the damage taken since the healer is only one who usually can heal.
  6. Will there any protection against CC/AOE cleaning of dungeons? As far as I see in most MMO games existed some number of CC that can move enemies so tactic reduced to the point of grabbing enemies to one point and smash them with AOE.
That the first questions I want to ask developers. Sure there is much more of them but this ones is present the most exasperating features in MMORPGs.

A bit of comments.
and the four of you will have a version of the dungeon (and its bosses and loot) all to yourselves.
I really want to hear about that public dungeons thingy not that usual grind-till-die version.

 In many MMORPGs, players are locked into performing one role in a group
 Because if we introduce some class that can do more then one thing it will become imbalanced and be able to make dungeons may be not alone but in party with same class characters.
You swap your two-handed sword out right in the middle of combat 
You really will ruin game with this. Allowing players to swap is good but swapping in battle...I already see unkillable characters who tank and heal then swing with sword and heal and there is no way to kill them.

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