Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ohh yes, this video. What interesting about graphics here. First of all is movements of characters, they are way too fast and looks not real. It's hard to make it looking good in game that must suits video cards on slow PCs but the way it's done in ESO - it is looking quite ugly even for 2006 year game. One more thing that I notices secondly is "life armor". Probably it is new kind of armor in ESO that looking like steel one but moving as it is was leather! It stretchs like tights! Probably developers just make it as covering textures for character, without thought about physics and good looking but as for me such a small detail ruins all the armor exterior. This is same as hair - make hair little more streaming, I don't know, flying a bit and characters, especially woman ones will looking much more better. And combat in total looking like in Morrowind: fast simple moves, sharp turns and so on.

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