Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don’t have a PC or Mac? Don’t worry! You’ll be able to play this game if you have a console! Just think about that for a second. ZOS has just potentially tripled their player base by coming to console. That’s three times as many players that can enjoy this game now, three times as many players can have fun wandering around Tamriel without feeling alienated because they don’t have a computer to play on. This is huge.

Taken here ESO on consoles

There so huge buzz really about this console thingy. You know, it is astounding holy war between PC and console users when it comes to gaming. Personally, I am a PC user. Not a notebook even. A rough, heavy and powerful desktop computer. But let's stop this pointless holy war. When we look at gaming I think it's doesn't matter where to play. Concoles designed to play games, to play with friends and have fun. Computer for single use mostly and allows you to do some other things while playing, like computing something in background and so. And more important I don't like wars. Not a fun of PvP, you know. And here, where I'm living, not many people have consoles so as for me this news is completely unimportant. That's all what I want to say for now. Have a good day, consolefuckers.

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