Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some thoughts about ESO "random" items like books or skyshards. In TES games all items, that give you some skill points or something else valuable have their constant location and after one or two weeks hardcore players will make a full guide about all locations in game - just take and go. In ESO, I believe, there will be nothing like this, skill books will be randomly generated but the names must be same. So after one week there will be book table so you don't even need to open all the books just the necessary one. With the addon that show skill book's names with special color, process of searching can be way much easy. Skyshards must be not that easy to find that all players think. Probably they will be in endrooms of dungeons, protected by power enemies. But even if so, some of skyshard can be constantly on same place. These places will be hardcore grinded.

About public dungeons. Long time ago I heard the anecdote. 
Two friends speaking about Morrowind.
-This will be so astounding If you can play with some other people in same world, battle with them, trade and speak. May be there is such games like Morrowind to play with other people?
-You really think so? Do you think that someone will enjoy sharing their world with other people? Share loot and items? And power, contest each other, loose? You have really good work, wife and soon kids, so remember, that there is no such games.
-Yeah, you probably right. Noone want to share things.

May be I'm not good storyteller but the point is that noone want to give anything to other players. I don't know how will public dungeons works, but I don't want someone to disturb me or my party with dumbasses questions or asking me for help, or even looting my items and taking my exp. For me dungeons - is way to unite with closest friends to enjoy freedom from random "dears" and I don't want anyone to help me (read 'mitigate the complexity of the game') or disturb. And especially I hope that players of different alliances can't enter me dungeon and kill me on boss fight, taking the loot. 

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