Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #8
Inflation in MMO games produced in 99% cases by expansions and increasing unbalance between player and NPC monsters. In example, we have end-level player with basic gear. He can pull up to 3 monsters at the time and kill them but after getting end-game gear he can pull up to 10 monsters that increasing gold income from killing for example 3.33 times. Also almost all expansions bring new content and farm activity in game which increase inflation too. By the way you must know that there is in human psychology to gather more money that he needs so inflation will always be happen, even if there will be a lot of "spending" activity. And about developers: it is their duty to make inflation bigger just to keep players in game to farm or increase money income to game. About Empreror's gear and so. I think amount of players that will race for the top places in game not that big enough to push inflation too high. 
As for me there is exist a lot of events or activities that can help inflation to stay low. First of all, 'wasting events' as I called them. Every random amount of days (20-40) in game starts fair that offer useful items of all kinds to players. This will low amount of gold in game and inflation plot will looks like saw, with slow increase areas and sharp fall regions. As system analyst I can say a lot about it but the main options here is to analyze average income of players of different categories and develop offers according to their demands based on average farm rate. A lot of work with databases.

Gathering and exploration breakdown
"Wow. How can so much goodness be contained in one 1:30 long video?"
Yeah, I was excited too to see such a many crap things without any useful notices in one video. Collectible items exist in all TES series so why they will be removed here? Yes, this is not common for MMORPG but this is ESO so why you excited? 
Fishing was in WoW. Cooking was in WoW. I don't know about you but in my guild with about 100 or smth (7 years left since that moment) I was only one who leveled both professions to max level. No one use that shit because the profit is too low. Still I don't know about TES but I never use cooking in any game because soup that gives you 1 Stamina regeneration point in comparison with any other sources of stamina is nothing. And I don't like to use things that gives nothing. Crafting...Again crafting. I hope they will make more potions useful since in Skyrim only useful potion was healing one, sometimes poison and that's all. All this resist lowering potions and other drain magica and so from enemies just useless because enemies died from one hit. Bonus resistance seems to be not working since dragon killing me in 4 sec if I stand under his breath - with or without potion +70% fire resistance. 
And finally tell more about gearing and spending-time activity. How many hour must we grind to find skyshards? How many hours we must farm to get end-game armor? Will be there any benefits (aka unbalance) for crafters (bound armor)? How you going to regulate inflation with all this respawn collectable items? And a lot more questions much more important.

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