Saturday, May 25, 2013

One month after our last journey, we lick one's wounds and took another contract. We should go to much safer place, far from any borders and alliances, just to meet innkeeper and take a bottle of special wine. The reason to hire a group of mercenaries was dictated by a small chance of bandit's assault along the way. We arrived to inn in time and without any troubles but innkeeper said that the wine was taken by another group day before us so there is no work for us anymore. A bit frustrated and surprised, we asked him is there any duties for mercenaries around this place. He pointed his finger to close hill and said that there is giant's cave there and if we will kill some of them, he will be very pleased. As soon as we got to place we saw a bunch of mercenaries like us, wandering around and seems looking for same giants. Was a pity to hear that all giants are killed long ago by some one else. But there was a gossips around that in cave far to east was a goblin's settlement and that they collected gold from robbed caravans for decades. Disappointed by two fail missions, we headed to cave in hope to get some gold coins from weak goblins. Shame but we spent about 4 days just to pass the guards. Settlement was surrounded by a border with watchmen, equipped with long bows, and goblin mages. Our last attempt was to make a some kind of catapult out from fallen tree to send me over the gates so I can kill the guards and we infiltrate the settlement. The landing was a bit hard but I succeed and open gates. We decided to pass some goblins and headed right to the treasury deep inside the cave. It was the fifth day since we heard of that place and seems there was no trace of other mercenaries inside. But to our regret all we found in strong steel chest was yellow mammoth tusk and steel blade.
Wasted week.

Well, what this all about? The main idea is that real life system will not work for MMO games. When we making something in real life, it's special things that can be done only by us: no one can go to school instead of us, no one can go to shop, to work, and wash our dishes. In MMO there is no such duties so all players can make all things. That's why quest places always overflooded by players, quest mobs killed as soon as possible and all of this looking quite unpleasant to lore part. In ES we have another situation. There is number of locations that can be explored, also in Skyrim there is random quests from inkeepers to kill something around and get gold. But to be honest, this false randomize and tonn of same-looking dangeons have same level of borinness as farm/grind quests in all MMORPG games. I bet that ESO will take a lot from Skyrim since it's last game that loved by all the players of school age (the main part of players). But tell me how many times you was excited in Skyrim? Yes, there was such places and events: first fight with dragon, Winterhold colledge and Blackreach. But what next? Goblins, bandits, caves, caves and caves, that can be passed within 10 min. Same quests, same duties. I have only one question: if all of this is boring, why not introduce something similar to real life? Why not to make duties available only for you? Why not make a professions like tailor or trader or something, and so players can become a professional, making useful thing for other players on professional base. I mean, for example, I'm armor crafter. Another players can ask in some kind of world chat to buy armor they need, or I can tell that want to sell armor that I made. Why not to make quests between players? One player come to me and ask to make him armor, so I receive quest, must collect some ingredients, make armor, get reward. Looking like more interesting and more "live". Or I can be trader, own my personal shop somewhere in Balmora, just sit there whenever I want and sell some goods for travelers, instead of boring and lifeless auction house. Also I'm pretty sure, that if players will be allowed to suggest their personal quests to game, amount of quests will be enormous and they will be much interesting than created by devs.

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