Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #6

About the Emperor role. Did you think that ordinary man that just become the Emperor can have any significant abilities like fire rain or tactic improvements? It is just same man as it was, it's not Emperor in 7rd generation blessed with dragon blood or whatever, it's same man as you and me. So for me emperor must be just a buff-giver like +5% to gold obtained by alliance or something. No one developer will never give any significant power to a dumb player which are 99% of total amount of end-game hardcore players. Do not forget how easy to kill emperors in TES4 or TES5 - they are wearing cloth!!11 

About business system. Told so many things, so many polls. Will anything change from your polls, users? Don't be stupid! Business system will be such as to provide maximum income of money to developers. Only question is - will be there any things, available only for money, that will affect game process in huge manner? That the only question.

And the most interesting post with a lot of polls. The most useful post from all issues. So what we see here. Still about half of our community is dumb school boys, who like to lie. How that can be that almost all have experience in MMO games but two-handed weapons, restorations stuffs and tank class with heal (Templar) got lowest poll results from all? Are you fucking nuts? In PvP you will not be able to shoot with bow like in skyrim or dominate with your dual-wield weapons. There is no such game, only two hand axe can smash the enemies, only tanks and healers always valuable in games in parties (tank&healer is even better). 
The average amount of good players in game will be about 10%. This is that people who not decided race which they will play. Why? Because it's fucking doesn't matter which race to play, good players play the race that have best race skills and buffs.
Guilds and alliance preference. Bullshit same as before. Amount of players will be the same in all alliances, average deviation will be 5-10%. And strongest people will be in strongest guild. Just take it as it is.
Small/large group activity. Nothing new. No one like world PvP, no one like raids. The gold mean in "a bit of dungeons, a bit of zerging enemy with your guild, a bit of slacking in the forest". Most of people don't know anything but doing quests and failing dungeons. Just a loosers.
About interest poll. Why all talking about crafting? Is it so important? Is it only me who never craft anything in TES series because there is so many stuff around to put on you?  Exploration for fucks sake. Who this people whom not interesting in roleplay but interesting in exploration? What will you do in game? Printscreen trees on your way? Only thing I'm wonder is that why so little amount interested in achievements? No one wants to become emperor? What a shame, that means that large PvP areas will be empty. Sadness.

And a bit about that new video about Coldharbour. It's only closed beta but still why you making video using Morrovind textures and tree, and this mushrooms, and all the rest? This looks ugly as fuck!

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