Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #7

Second poll results. Aldmeri Dominion. I'm really wonder why so many people going to play altmers. They are freaking ugly in all games in series -  yellow, high and arrogant and looking like Mongolians
It's the last race to play I will ever choose. From the other hand, in video like cinematic trailer, boobs of altmer girl made good boost for this race.
 Daggerfall Covenant. Redguards. Why so low percent? Because they not normal human race, they I have nothing against African but seems not all people thinks like me. And about race\class breakdown. Have your ever see 150 kg orc rogue or black mage? Yo bro! Ima fire pro! 

Ebonheart Pact. Well what to say? I will be argonian templar, rushing with two-hand sword in solo PvP, trying to reach Emperor throne and get a wife and own house. If you understand what I mean. Something like that 
Drakkenfan's Skyrim Art -
About the rest of results. I don't think that standard deviation is small enough to say that there is some difference between alliances in PvE and PvP activity. Even more, activity are dynamic quantity so if less people interest in crafting - more people will become craftsmen, than again less people become craftsmen and so on. This theory know all about our world

Another interesting post was about gearing system. I sent question for developers about it but I think it will be left without answer. So WoW is WoW but the dynamically generated stats is so common that i saw it even in first Sacred or first Allod game in early 1999 or even earlier. So as for me there is no difference between statical stats and dynamical since in both cases you will go to forest, find strongest mob and grind it till you got the best drop you can ever get. More, it's fucking boring, much fucking boring, grinding one mob, hoping that he will drop that best of the best dps sword. Much better when you know for sure, which weapon and with which drop rate you can get from enemy. Another opportunity is to upgrade gear. It's like you got base armor and add some nice fancy things to it, making it more powerful. I can speak a lot about it, since i saw a lot of things, but in result we came to same thing - all got top armor/weapon and become bored because gearing is the CORE of any MMO. It's first wrong move of any developer. There must be same situation in ESO as it was in TES series when after 2 days of playing you can find daedric set and that's mean finish your gearing and focus on GAMEPLAY, focus on your skills, on world, on relations, on whatever but not on stupid grinding of mobs, killing, obtaining ingredients to upgrade items. Last time I launched Morrowind I found daedric dagger in canalisation within 5 min after start game. So make just 3 types of armor, make customised appearance and this enough, let people play not grind for new helmet for months.

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