Monday, May 6, 2013

Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 4

So here another portion of stupid questions from some one who thinks that the multi player games created for lore-lovers. Bullshit! If you want to stare at the boobs of your beloved elf girl, go fap to single-player game. In the same place you can discuss about armor styles, housing, aged elfs and how will slavery works. What the same place? Rhinoceros ass! There is no place for such dumbasses in MMO who spending hours in activity that will not bring him to top of lists. This is kind of people who moan everydays in main city of the game, moan about how weak they are and try to buy new fucking outfit for their warrior troll. Will we see Tribunal - wanna fap on Almalexia boobs, sucker? Is there Dragonborn thuums in game - wanna compensate family violence in game by showing how strong is your cry? Only one fucking worth to ask question is about CC since it's very important part of PvP. No fucking questions about more profitable leveling quest lines, about gearing and armor improving, about why the fuck half of people wanna play assassin not the damn tankhealers class. How long will take PvP battles, will I be able to quit them without losing progress? And so many other questions, that are 10 times more important for gameplay than how the fuck looking your character. Enemy archer wouldn't looking how beautiful are you, he just blow up your stupid head with arrow.

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