Saturday, April 13, 2013

I was born when Great Dark closed both Masser and Secunda. Dark, that emerged after the death of Kuelorul, one of the dwemer traitors, who was the cause of vanishing of dwemer race. He and his companions sold their souls to God which name is unknown in modern history; in exchange for infinite knowledge. And the God put part of his immortal flesh in their chests and let them leave in Saratanz, the dwemer city under water, deep in earth, under Sea of Ghosts. The only path there was from Nchardahrk near town of Dagon Fel. The reasons of Kuelorul's death is hidden far behind the doors of Saratanz but the part of God in form of Great Dark bursted through the water and closed sky just for a moment and then disappeared back to nowhere.
Masser and Secunda have great influence on our race. That very moment when sky was closed, I was born. Only one of that kind, bearing the knowledge and sorrow of past and future.

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